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§ 84.28.060 Occupancy Standards.
   (a)   Compliance with Uniform Codes and Other Laws. At the time of issuance of a STR permit and thereafter, the STR owner shall be responsible for compliance with the California Fire Code, California Building Code, the National Fire Protection Association Standards or regulations, and any other applicable uniform codes, as adopted by San Bernardino County, and other applicable laws and codes.
   (b)   Occupancy Limits. Occupancy limits for a STR shall be determined as follows:
      (1)   Occupancy limits shall be determined based on the number of bedrooms in the STR. The number of bedrooms will be verified using County Assessor data and County building records. Example occupancies:
         (A)   Studio/Single-bedroom STR: four occupants
         (B)   Two-bedroom STR: six occupants
         (C)   Three-bedroom STR: eight occupants
         (D)   Four-bedroom STR: ten occupants
         (E)   Five-bedroom STR: twelve occupants
      (2)   Kitchens, bathrooms, toilet rooms, living rooms, dens, dining areas, halls, closets, storage or utility spaces, and similar areas are not considered bedrooms and shall not be used in the calculation for determining the maximum number of occupants.
      (3)   Occupancy Cap. Notwithstanding the allowances based on the number of bedrooms, the maximum occupancy of any STR shall not exceed 12 occupants.
      (4)   Notwithstanding the allowances for maximum occupancy, the use of a STR shall be limited by the capacity of on-site parking spaces, pursuant to the minimum parking standards required by Subsection (c) below.
   (c)   Parking. All vehicles of STR occupants and their guests must be parked on the STR property. Parking spaces may include garage, carport, and driveway spaces, and may allow for tandem parking. On-site parking areas shall be kept free from any obstructions, including, but not limited to, excessive amounts of snow, which would prevent use for vehicle parking. Only the approved parking areas/spaces pursuant to the STR permit shall be used for vehicle parking. No vehicle related to the STR shall be parked on neighboring properties or on public or private roads, or in any manner that would create an obstruction.
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