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§ 84.28.040 Permit Required.
   (a)   A property owner may use a dwelling unit as a STR only if said owner has a current valid STR permit and complies with the requirements of this Chapter and other applicable provisions of the County Code. A separate permit shall be required for each dwelling unit used as a STR when there is more than one legal dwelling unit on the parcel.
      (1)   A maximum of two STR permits may be issued for a parcel 2 acres or greater. A maximum of one STR permit may be issued for a parcel less than 2 acres.
      (2)   An individual apartment located within a multi-family residential project is not eligible for a STR permit.
      (3)   Short-term timeshare occupancy of a condominium unit may be authorized by the condominium owners' association or other governing body having jurisdiction over the timeshare complex, provided enforcement of such occupancy requirement is performed by the same association or governing body. Such occupancy shall not be subject to a STR permit.
      (4)   A STR owner shall not be eligible for more than two STR permits, provided however that a STR owner that holds more than two active STR permits on the effective date of this ordinance shall be eligible to renew applicable existing STR permits as a legal non-conforming use.
   (b)   STR renters are subject to the uniform transient occupancy tax of Section 14.0203 (Uniform Transient Occupancy Tax).
   (c)   A STR permit shall not be transferrable. A new owner that desires to use the property as a STR shall apply for a new STR permit.
   (d)   An alternative shelter shall not be eligible for a STR permit. Rental of an alternative shelter may be permitted as a campground use.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4331, passed - -2017; Am. Ord. 4371, passed - -2019; Am. Ord. 4400, passed - -2021; Am. Ord. 4439, passed - -2022)