§ 83.08.010 Purpose.
   This Chapter establishes regulations for development within hillside areas to:
   (a)   Facilitate appropriate hillside development through standards and guidelines for hillside areas.
   (b)   Ensure that development in the hillside areas is designed to fit the existing landform.
   (c)   Preserve significant features of the natural topography, including swales, canyons, streams, knolls, ridgelines, and rock outcrops.
   (d)   Provide a safe means of ingress, egress and traffic flow for all forms of permissible traffic within hillside areas.
   (e)   Provide alternative approaches to conventional grading practices by achieving development intensities that are consistent with the natural characteristics of hillside areas (e.g., land form, scenic quality, slopes, and vegetation).
   (f)   Encourage the planning, design, and development of sites that provide maximum safety with respect to fire hazards, exposure to geological hazards, drainage, erosion and siltation, and materials of construction; provide the best use of natural terrain; and to discourage development that will create or disproportionately increase fire, flood, slide, or other safety hazards to public health, welfare, and safety.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)