§ 83.07.040 Applicability.
   (a)   Application. Except as provided in subdivision (c), the provision of this chapter shall apply to all outdoor lighting in the valley region, as specified in § 83.07.050, and mountain and desert regions, as specified in § 83.07.060. All outdoor light fixtures installed after the effective date of this chapter shall comply with this chapter.
   (b)   Non-conforming Lighting. Except as provided in subdivision (c), all outdoor light fixtures installed prior to the effective date of this chapter are subject to the compliance period set forth in § 83.07.080. Notwithstanding the compliance period, the following requirements shall be complied with immediately:
      (1)   Outdoor light fixtures that have the ability to be redirected, shall be directed downward so as to minimize sky glow, glare and light trespass onto adjacent properties; and
      (2)   Outdoor light fixtures that have adjustable dimmers with color temperature that exceeds 3,000 Kelvin shall be dimmed to 3,000 Kelvin or lower to minimize glare and light trespass onto adjacent properties.
   (c)   Exempt Lighting and Activities. The following lighting and activities are not regulated by this chapter:
      (1)   Indoor lighting.
      (2)   Lighting within the public right-of-way for the principal purpose of illuminating public streets or traffic control.
      (3)   Lighting solely used to illuminate signs for which a permit has been received.
      (4)   Lighting solely used to illuminate address signs.
      (5)   Construction or emergency lighting provided such lighting is temporary, necessary, and is discontinued immediately upon completion of the construction work or termination of the emergency.
      (6)   Aircraft navigation lights such as those attached to radio/television towers and regulated by federal or state standards.
      (7)   Short-term lighting associated with activities authorized by a valid temporary use permit, special event permit or film permit during the duration of the permit.
      (8)   Outdoor lighting fixtures on facilities or lands owned, operated, or controlled by the United States Government or State of California.
      (9)   Short-term lighting associated with recreational facilities for outdoor sport and recreational use. Recreational facilities shall not be illuminated unless the facilities are being utilized. The illumination shall be turned off no later than 11:00 p.m. or one hour after termination of the event and/or use, whichever occurs last.
      (10)   Seasonal lighting.
      (11)   Outdoor lighting, or other facility lighting, for industrial facilities that conduct outdoor operations after sunset and before sunrise pursuant to a valid use permit, or other land use entitlement, or otherwise applicable law.
(Ord. 4419, passed - -2021)