§ 83.07.030 Definitions.
   The definitions in this section are intended to apply to this chapter only. Any term or phrase which is not specifically defined herein shall have the definition as provided by Division 10 of the Development Code or elsewhere within the County Code. The following words and phrases are defined as follows:
   DIRECTIONAL LIGHTING. Methods of directing light downward, rather than upward or outward, with the intention of directing light where it is needed.
   FOOT-CANDLE (ABBREVIATED 'FC'). A unit of illuminance defined as one lumen per square foot. One foot-candle is approximately equal to 10.76 lux.
   FULLY SHIELDED. A light fixture constructed and installed in such a manner that all light emitted, either directly from the lamp or a diffusing element, or indirectly by reflection or refraction from any part of the fixture, is projected below the horizontal plane through the fixture's lowest light-emitting part.
   GLARE. Light or illuminance entering the eye directly from a light fixture or indirectly from reflective surfaces that causes visual discomfort, reduced visibility to a reasonable person, or is in violation of this chapter.
   ILLUMINANCE. The intensity of light falling upon or hitting a given surface, and is measured in units of foot-candles or lux.
   KELVIN. The measure of the color temperature of a light source. Warmer temperatures are a lower number, and cooler temperatures are a higher number.
   LAMP. In generic terms, a source of optical radiation (i.e., "light"), often called a "bulb" or "tube." Examples include incandescent, fluorescent, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, and low-pressure sodium (LPS) lamps, as well as light-emitting diode (LED) modules and arrays.
   LIGHT POLLUTION. The unintended, adverse and/or obstructive effects from the use of outdoor light.
   LIGHT SOURCE. A light emitting portion of the luminaire and any diffusing elements and surfaces intended to reflect or refract light emitted from the lamp individually or collectively. Examples include a lamp, bulb, lens, highly reflective surface, or frosted glass.
   LIGHT TRESPASS. Artificial light or illuminance that falls beyond the property that it is located on.
   LUMEN. The unit of measure used to quantify the amount of visible light produced by a lamp or emitted from a light fixture (as distinct from "watt," a measure of power consumption).
   LUX (ABBREVIATED 'LX'). The unit of illuminance defined as one lumen per square meter. One lux is approximately equal to 0.093 foot-candle.
   OUTDOOR LIGHT FIXTURES. Outdoor electrically powered illuminating devices, lamps and similar devices, including solar powered lights, and all parts used to distribute the light and/or protect the lamp, permanently installed or portable; synonymous with "luminaires."
   SEASONAL LIGHTING. Temporary lighting displays installed and operated on a property, typically in connection with holidays or traditions. Lighting shall not be considered seasonal if the lighting display is installed or operated more than 30 days prior to a holiday or tradition, or more than 30 days after the holiday or tradition.
   SKY GLOW. The brightening of the nighttime sky that results from scattering and reflection of artificial light by air molecules, moisture and dust particles in the atmosphere. Sky glow is caused by light directed or reflected upwards or sideways.
   STRING LIGHTS. Outdoor light fixtures or light source connected by free-strung wires or inside of tubing resulting in several or many points of light that are unshielded or partly shielded light sources.
(Ord. 4419, passed - -2021)