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§ 71.0304   Radio Equipment.
   (a)   All vehicles operating within the aircraft movement area must be equipped with two-way radio and be in continuous communication with ground control with the exception of the following types of equipment:
      (1)   Crash, fire and other emergency equipment while attending an accident if another radio-controlled vehicle is acting as a leader;
      (2)   Gasoline and fuel tenders when operating in apron and ramp areas for fueling purposes only;
      (3)   Agricultural and maintenance equipment owned by the County or CSA not engaged in work on the runways;
      (4)   Aircraft support equipment such as baggage trailers, in-flight meal trucks, power units, tow tractors, when operating in the airport terminal apron area, but not when operating in any other airport surface areas such as runways and taxiways;
      (5)   Private vehicles.
   (b)   The installation of two-way radios does not permit the operation of vehicles on the aircraft movement area of the airport without prior written permission from the Airport Manager.
   (c)   Any vehicle which has been permitted to operate on the airport will not proceed into the aircraft movement area until cleared by ground control. Vehicle operators shall be held responsible for knowing the meaning of the standard airport light signal regardless of whether or not the vehicle is radio-equipped.
(Am. Ord. 2132, passed - -1977; Am. Ord. 3975, passed - -2006)