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§ 71.0206   Disabled Aircraft.
   (a)   Disabled aircraft and parts thereof on the airport shall be promptly removed from the airport or to a designated area by owners, at their own expense.
   (b)   If any person refuses to move an aircraft as directed by the Airport Manager, said aircraft may be towed away and stored at the owner’s expense, and without liability for damage which may result in the course of or after such moving. The same shall apply to removal of a wrecked or damaged aircraft and its parts. The County or CSA shall have a lien upon said aircraft for the cost of such towing and storage as described above. Said lien is pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure § 1208.61 and Civil Code §§ 3051 and 3068.
   (c)   If an aircraft is disabled on a runway of the airport, the Airport Manager may take whatever action he or she deems necessary to make the runway safe for other aircraft, and the owner shall bear the expense of such action as well as the expense of any and all damages caused to the disabled aircraft.
(Am. Ord. 2132, passed - -1977; Am. Ord. 3975, passed - -2006)