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§ 71.0101   Scope.
   The provisions of this Title shall be applicable to all airports owned or operated by the County of San Bernardino or by a County Service Area governed by the Board of Supervisors of said County (“CSA”) within this County. Each such airport shall be conducted as a public facility for the promotion and accommodation of civil aviation and associated activities, and shall be open for public use at such hours and subject to such restrictions as are contained in this Title or as may be determined by the Board or the Director, acting pursuant hereto on behalf of the County or a CSA as owner and proprietor of the airport.
   These provisions are not intended to amend, modify, or supersede any provisions of Federal, State, or local law, or any specific contractual agreement of the County or a CSA with which they may conflict, provided, however, that these provisions shall be interpreted, insofar as is possible, in such manner that no conflict shall exist. If any portion of these provisions shall be invalid or unenforceable, all other provisions shall remain in effect and be construed to achieve the purposes hereof. All persons on, and users of, such an airport shall be governed by the provisions of this Title and by any rules, regulations, orders, or directives made or issued by the Board or the Director pursuant hereto.
   All services in operating a facility at the airport must be performed without discrimination or segregation as to race, creed, color, sex, age or national origin.
(Am. Ord. 2132, passed - -1977; Am. Ord. 2228, passed - -1978; Am. Ord. 3975, passed - -2006)