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§ 45.0304   Permit Application: Approval.
   After the issuing authority has weighed and studied all available information pertaining to the applicant’s proposed use or the explosives, the issuing authority shall grant the permit, or if he or she finds that any person involved, lacks the necessary knowledge or planning with regard to ability to perform the contemplated uses with explosives, or that the property involved lacks the necessary characteristics from the standpoint of location of facilities, all with regard to safety of the individuals involved, public safety and security of private property, the issuing authority may deny the application,
No application for such a permit shall be approved by the issuing authority unless the storage facility is in strict compliance with the regulations adopted by the State Fire Marshal pursuant to Health and Safety Code § 12081.
   If the application is for a permit to transport 1,000 pounds or less or explosives on a public road or highway, the application shall include the following information:
   (a)   A description of the vehicle or vehicles which will be employed in the transportation;
   (b)   The route to be taken for such transportation and any stopping places. The description of such a vehicle shall include license number, make, model, weight, and a maintenance record of such a vehicle. The route proposed shall be subject to approval of the issuing authority.
(Ord. 1604, passed - -1970)