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§ 45.0302   Permit Application: Contents.
   A permit application shall, when submitted to the issuing authority, prior to the contemplated rise of the explosives, contain the following:
   (a)   The name and address of the applicant;
   (b)   The name and address of the employee or authorized representatives designated by the applicant as being responsible for the use, handling, storage, possession or transportation of explosives for the applicant;
   (c)   The place where, and the purpose for which, the explosives are intended to be used, handled, stored or possessed;
   (d)   The type and amount of explosives for which application is made;
   (e)   The signature of the applicant;
   (f)   The number of times purchases may be made and the frequency of such purchases;
   (g)   The routes, highways, and stopping places intended to be utilized in transporting the explosives;
   (h)   Whether the applicant, or its employee or authorized representative designated as being responsible for the use, etc., of the explosives:
      (1)   Is an alien;
      (2)   Has been convicted of a felony;
      (3)   Has been convicted of a violation of Health and Safety Code § 11550;
      (4)   Is a registered sex offender pursuant to the provisions of Penal Code § 290;
      (5)   Has been adjudged at any time incompetent and/or insane.
   (i)   A recent photograph of the applicant, or the employee, or authorized representative, known as a “mug shot;”
   (j)   A set of fingerprints of the applicant, or the employee or authorized representative.
   A statement of the applicant’s or the employee’s or authorized representative’s previous experience with explosives shall be submitted with the application.
(Ord. 1604, passed - -1970)