§ 85.21.080  Violations.
   (a)   Any owner, operator, manager or employee of an adult business violating or permitting, counseling, or assisting the violation of any of the provisions regulating adult businesses shall be subject to any and all civil remedies, including permit revocation. All remedies provided herein shall be cumulative and not exclusive.  Any violation of these provisions shall constitute a separate violation for each and every day during which such violation is committed or continued.
   (b)   In addition to the remedies set forth in Subdivision (a) of this Section, any adult business that is operating in violation of the provisions regulating adult businesses is hereby declared to constitute a public nuisance and, as such, may be abated or enjoined from further operation.
   (c)   The restrictions imposed pursuant to this Section constitute a licensing or permitting process, and do not constitute a criminal offense.  Notwithstanding any other provision of the San Bernardino County Code, the County does not impose a criminal penalty for violations of the provisions of this Chapter related to sexual conduct or activities.
(Ord. 4239, passed - -2014)