§ 85.21.010  Purpose.
   It is the purpose of this Chapter to provide a process for the County Land Use Services Department to review all applications submitted to the County for an Adult Business Regulatory Permit that are in compliance with Division 2 (Land Use Zoning Districts and Allowable Land Uses) and the other applicable requirements of this Development Code. This process will ensure that all adult businesses are in compliance with all applicable regulations and will promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the County, and prevent the deleterious secondary effects of adult businesses within the County.  The provisions of this Chapter have neither the purpose nor effect of imposing a limitation or restriction on the content or reasonable access to any communicative materials, including adult-oriented materials.  Similarly, it is neither the intent nor effect of this Chapter to restrict or deny access by adults to adult-oriented materials protected by the First Amendment, or to deny access by the distributors and exhibitors of adult-oriented entertainment to their intended market.
(Ord. 4239, passed - -2014)