§ 85.12.030  Minor Revisions to an Approved Action.
   (a)   Applicability.  A Minor Revision may be used to approve minor changes to an already approved project based on the following criteria:
      (1)   An approved plot plan is on file in the Land Use Services Department.
      (2)   The proposed use is consistent with the current land use zoning district regulations.
      (3)   Parking and design standards are not affected.
      (4)   The proposal is an expansion of the use of up to 1,000 square feet or 10 percent of the ground area covered by the use or square footage of the structure, whichever is greater.
   (b)   Action by the Director or Commission.
      (1)   The Director shall review and act upon a request for a Minor Revision to an Approved Action.
      (2)   Requests to appeal the Director’s or Commission’s actions shall be filed in compliance with Chapter 86.08 (Appeals).
(Ord. 4245, passed - -2014)