§ 84.32.010  Purpose.
   The State of California has enacted laws and regulations to provide for the care of mentally and physically disabled persons in a residential environment.  The purpose of this Chapter is to:
   (a)   Implement the applicable state laws in a manner that preserves the peace, quiet, and quality of life intended for residential neighborhoods.
   (b)   Promote the public health, safety, and welfare and to implement the goals and policies of the General Plan by ensuring that permitted and/or conditional uses allowed in residential neighborhoods do not change the character of the neighborhoods as primarily residential communities.
   (c)   Protect and implement the recovery and residential integration of the disabled by providing adequate accommodation, while also ensuring that small unlicensed residential care facilities are dispersed throughout residential neighborhoods, rather than overly concentrated within any neighborhood.
   (d)   Provide criteria for the establishment of small unlicensed residential care facilities serving six or fewer persons, which are by definition not licensed by the State of California, including alcohol and drug free treatment facilities (“sober living facilities”), recognizing that if such criteria cannot be met or satisfied, such facilities may request a “reasonable accommodation” in the application of one or more of these criteria pursuant to Chapter 84.31 of this Development Code.
(Ord. 4230, passed - -2014)