§ 84.31.090  Expiration of Grants of Reasonable Accommodation.
   Any modification granted for an individual with a disability shall be a personal accommodation for the individual applicant and shall not run with the land, unless the Director determines that it would be impractical to require the property to be returned to its previous condition once the disabled person no longer occupies the property. Prior to the issuance of a building permit or any other applicable permit for such modification, the permittee shall execute a notarized statement that permits the County to inspect the affected property at least annually to verify compliance with this chapter and with any applicable conditions of approval.  Prior to any transfer of interest in the property, the permittee shall notify the transferee of the existence of the accommodation, the personal status of the accommodation, and the requirements that the transferee must apply for a new accommodation as necessary.  Except as otherwise provided by the Director, as set forth herein, once such transfer takes effect the accommodation shall have no further effect.
(Ord. 4230, passed - -2014)