§ 82.36.020   Agricultural and Resource Management Land Use Zoning Districts.
   (a)   Minimum Area Designation. As outlined in Table 82-3 of Chapter 82.03.
   (b)   Allowed Uses and Permit Requirements. As outlined in Table 82-4 of Chapter 82.03.
   (c)   Subdivision Standards. As outlined in Table 82-4C of Chapter 82.03, except as noted below:
      (1)   Oak Hills/Resource Conservation (OH/RC) Land Use Zoning District.
         (A)   Minimum Width:  150 feet.
         (B)   Minimum Depth:  150 feet.
      (2)   Oak Hills/Floodway (OH/FW) Land Use Zoning District.  The provisions of § 82.03.070 plus the following additional provisions shall apply to all development within the OH/FW Land Use Zoning District:
         (A)   Site Design.  The natural drainage courses should not be occupied or obstructed and should be left in their natural state as much as possible.  Hard lined concrete facilities are discouraged; however rock slope protection may be used for erosion control.
         (B)   Road Crossings.  Road crossings shall be designed to have minimal impact on the natural drainage courses.
         (C)   Boundaries.  Where it has been demonstrated in a detailed drainage report that land within the Floodway Land Use District should not be restricted by the limitations of the Floodway designation, the boundary between the Floodway and the adjacent land use district shall be interpreted to be consistent with such report.
   (d)   Development Standards.  As outlined in Table 82-5C of Chapter 82.03.
(Ord. 4204, passed - -2013)