§ 85.19.020  Permit Required for Food Truck Events.
   (a)   Health Permit Required.  Except as otherwise provided by the County Code or State or Federal law, operation of a food truck within the County shall be subject to the permit requirements and applicable standards of § 33.0408 of the County Code, as well as applicable provisions of the California Health and Safety Code.
   (b)   Temporary Special Events. Events involving food trucks in the unincorporated areas of the County that meet the definition of a Temporary Special Event set forth in § 810.01.210 shall require a Temporary Special Event Permit pursuant to Chapter 85.16 unless otherwise exempt under Chapter 85.16.
(Ord. 4170, passed - -2012; Am. Ord. 4258, passed - -2014; Am. Ord. 4280, passed - -2015)