§ 84.31.030  Requesting Reasonable Accommodation.
   (a)   In order to make specific housing available to an individual with a disability, a disabled person or representative may request reasonable accommodation, pursuant to this Chapter, relating to the application of various land use, zoning, or building laws, rules, policies, practices and/or procedures of the County.
   (b)   If an individual or representative needs assistance in making a request for reasonable accommodation, or appealing a determination regarding reasonable accommodation, the department will endeavor to provide the assistance necessary to ensure that the process is accessible to the applicant or representative. The applicant may be represented at all stages of the proceeding by a person designated by the applicant as his or her representative.
   (c)   A request for reasonable accommodation in laws, rules, policies, practices and/or procedures must be filed on an application form provided by the department. It shall be signed by the owner of the property and shall describe exactly what is being requested and the specific reason the requested accommodation is necessary.  All documentation that supports the request shall be submitted along with the application. The housing unit must be the primary residence of the person for whom reasonable accommodation is requested.
   (d)   Within ten calendar days after the Director has deemed as complete an application for a major reasonable accommodation, the Director or his or her designee shall provide notice of the request for reasonable accommodation as follows:
      (1)   In the event there is no approval, permit, or entitlement sought other than the request for reasonable accommodation, the notice shall be mailed to the owners of record of all properties that are immediately adjacent to and directly across the street from the property that is the subject of the request.
      (2)   In the event that the request is being made in conjunction with some other approval, permit or entitlement, the notice shall be transmitted along with the notice of the other proceeding.
(Ord. 4169, passed - -2012; Am. Ord. 4230, passed - -2014)