(A)   Purpose of fee. The purpose of this section is to implement a comprehensive and uniform cost recovery program by establishing guidelines for the administration and collection of the building inspection reinspection fees when the Code Enforcement Officer is required to reinspect property numerous times. The building inspection reinspection fee will be charged when violators fail to correct violations after the initial and compliance inspections. This fee is designed to recover some of the costs involved in the code enforcement program. In many investigations, the violator does not make the required corrections by a specified date and county staff must return numerous times before the violation is abated. This is especially true in cases involving multiple violations when the Code Enforcement Officer often returns seven or eight times before complete compliance is achieved.
   (B)   Notification process.
      (1)   The normal code enforcement process for violations not involving an imminent threat to health or safety is begun by making contract with the property owner, in person or by phone. This is known as the informal resolution process. The amount of time given to abate the violations based on type of violation is normally no longer than two weeks. If the informal resolution process is not effective in remedying the violation, the formal resolution process is started by a follow-up inspection along with a formal letter of violation specifying the violation and mandatory abatement as well as scheduling a compliance inspection normally one to two weeks after the formal letter. The property owner is advised that all corrections must be made within the time specified in the written letter of violation. If inspections are needed beyond the initial formal process, including the first compliance inspection, a reinspection fee of $250 shall be charged for each reinspection that does not verify compliance.
      (2)   The initial formal written letter of violation shall contain the following notation:
“All corrections or repairs must be completed prior to the first scheduled compliance inspection after service of this written letter of violation. If corrections or repairs are not completed and if additional reinspections are required to verify compliance, a $100 reinspection fee will be charged for each subsequent reinspection that does not verify compliance with county ordinances.”
      (3)   Code enforcement staff will reinspect the location for compliance when requested by the property owner or his, her or its agent, or at the time specified on a written notice of violation. The reinspection fee shall not be charged for inspections conducted more frequently than every two weeks unless the property owner requests more frequent inspection. Fees will not be charged for court ordered inspections.
   (C)   Legal surcharge. A legal surcharge fee of $125, in addition to other fees, is applicable and shall be paid for each violation.
   (D)   Billing procedures.
      (1)   Upon completion of any reinspection for which fees are to be assessed, the Code Enforcement Officer shall complete the “charges to be billed form” and submit the form along with the case report to the Planning Director for review and approval.
      (2)   The “charges to be billed” form will be reviewed for accuracy and completeness by the Planning Director.
      (3)   Upon approval by the Planning Director, the “charges to be billed” form will be sent to the violator.
(1966 Code, § 19-10) (Ord. 625, § 2)