§ 23.31.083 MATERIALS.
   (A)   Requirements. Materials shall be chosen for their strength, durability and ease of maintenance, with due consideration for dead and live loads, beam strength and resistance to corrosion. Pipe joints shall be selected to provide positive protection against entrance of roots and groundwater, and sufficient flexibility to adjust to the trench bedding. In general, the joints shall be non-rigid, and the joint sealer shall be restrained against lateral and axial movement. The installed joint shall provide positive separation between adjoining pipe sections to prevent failure of rigid materials by axial expansion during wetting.
   (B)   Pipe material.
      (1)   Corrosion resistant sewer pipe material. Shall be: vitrified clay; poly (vinyl chloride), type psm or psp; acrylonitrilebutadiene-styrene (abs), solid wall; reinforced plastic mortar; or other material approved by the Engineer.
      (2)   Other sewer pipe material. Not required to be corrosion resistant shall be any of the materials listed herein, reinforced concrete; unreinforced concrete, cast iron or other material approved by the Engineer.
   (C)   Concrete. Concrete for sewer structures and sewer pipe encasement shall be Class B unless otherwise shown herein or approved by the Engineer.