§ 23.31.060 GENERAL.
   (A)   Authority. These standards apply to any facility or system in the county, except individual residential parcels not served by a system and small water systems servicing four or less services, that meets any one or more of the following conditions:
      (1)   Is or may be a county (or county-operated service area) owned system; and/or
      (2)   Serves, or plans to serve, water to any land development project that is subject to approval of the county’s Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, Fire Marshal or Department of Public Works.
   (B)   Water system expansion/repair. Expansions or repair of an existing system shall meet the standards provided herein without reducing the supply, flow or storage presently available to the existing system, unless the reduction does not reduce the quality or quantity below the requirements for the whole system based on these standards and if approval of the County Engineer is obtained.
   (C)   Calculations required. Calculations showing compliance with this title are required.
   (D)   Definitions. As used in these standards, the words defined in this section shall have the meanings herein ascribed.
      DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM. Water mains, together with all appurtenant and necessary valves, fire hydrants, meters, service laterals and associated material and equipment that carry water and distribute it to individual consumers.
      MAIN EXTENSION. An extension to the distribution system that is needed to serve a new development.
      MAIN REPLACEMENT. A replacement of an existing portion of the distribution system.
      PRIVATE PIPE EXTENSION. An extension that provides on-site domestic service or fire protection service on the consumer’s side of the water meter or service stop.
      SERVICE LATERAL. The pipe or tubing, fittings, valves and appurtenances necessary to convey water from the water main to the meter.
      SUPPLY SYSTEM. A general term covering all facilities related to obtaining service water and delivering it for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, irrigation or other end use.
      TAP. Physical connection to a water main which, together with appropriate metering, effects water service to individual consumers.
      TRANSMISSION LINE. A pipeline together with all appurtenances primarily used to transport raw or treated water between two points.
      WATER PURVEYORS. A public utility, a mutual water company, a governmental body or other entity, owning and operating a water system and holding a valid permit to purvey water from the state or county health department/district. Also, the owner of a planned development served by its own well and holding a valid permit. In the case of a public utility, it must also hold a valid “certificate of convenience and necessity” from the California Public Utility Commission.