§ 23.25.011 LOTS.
   (A)   Lots shall contain an adequate building site for a structure of the reasonably expected size and type.
   (B)   The depth of lots shall not exceed three times the average width. The Planning Commission may grant exceptions where the Commission determines that the terrain or property boundaries make this advisable.
   (C)   Lot sidelines shall normally intersect street right-of-way lines at approximately 90 degrees or radially. The Planning Commission may waive this requirement in steep terrain or for large lots, where in its opinion good lot design and provision for driveways can otherwise be better achieved.
   (D)   Panhandle or flag lots will only be permitted where the proposed parcel is at the end of a cul-de-sac that is not foreseen by the county as being extended and where the resulting parcel cannot be further subdivided under the current zoning designation. Panhandles shall be not less than 20 feet in width, and this width shall be increased if steepness of terrain or other conditions shall render it inadequate for a driveway. Panhandles shall be improved to the county standards for common private driveways.
   (E)   Lots facing streets carrying heavy traffic may be paired or grouped, and two or more lots may be served by a common driveway that enters the street at a point of adequate sight distance. In such cases, access rights shall be dedicated to the county along the balance of those lots facing the street that are served by the common driveway.
   (F)   Vehicular access rights shall be dedicated to the county along the corner return on corner lots and on such other lot frontages where it is, in the opinion of the County Engineer, unsafe to locate driveways.
   (G)   Double frontage lots, except where the second frontage is on a cross street, shall only be allowed where necessitated by terrain conditions or where one of the streets is a limited access road. When lots front on more than one street, access rights shall be dedicated to the county on a frontage as the County Engineer directs.
   (H)   On tangents and on curved right-of-way lines having a radius over 150 feet, any lot under 10,000 square feet in area shall have a frontage of not less than 50 feet and lots 10,000 square feet or greater in area shall have a frontage of not less than 60 feet. On curves with a radius less than 150 feet, including the turn around at the end of cul-de-sacs, the lot width at the building setback line shall be not less than 45 feet.
   (I)   Lots shall be designed to preserve the maximum number of trees and other natural amenities and to minimize grading. On lots over one acre or where a potential hazard exists, the Planning Commission may require special setback lines or building envelopes to limit construction to the portion of the lot most suitable, to preserve trees or to prevent unnecessary interference with views from public roads.
   (J)   Approved access to each parcel is required.
   (K)   The lot standards set forth in this section may be modified as provided in an adopted specific plan, in which case the standards established within the specific plan shall control.
(1966 Code, § 17A-11) (Ord. 860, § 4 (part), 2010)