§ 23.25.009 STREETS.
   (A)   Subdivision streets shall be located to conform to Transportation Element of the general plan of San Benito County and the road standards, where applicable. Road improvements shall be constructed prior to or concurrently with other subdivision improvements.
   (B)   The street system in a subdivision shall relate to existing streets in adjoining areas, where consistent with good planning.
   (C)   Half-width or partial-width streets shall be permitted only when a portion of a planned street lies outside the property of a developer, and, until additional development in the area occurs, the fractional street will serve only as access to a limited number of dwellings. In such cases, pavement width shall be adequate for present use. Minimum right-of-way width shall be 40 feet, unless approved by a four-fifths majority of the Board of Supervisors.
   (D)   Direct access to dwellings from a limited access road, shall be permitted only in isolated instances when no other practical access is available. Driveways will then be constructed so that vehicles will not back into the arterial road, and required sight distance shall be the same as would be required for connection with a minor street. Normally, dwellings will be separated from an arterial street by a landscaped buffer strip and will be entered from a minor residential street. Fencing to approved design may be required along arterial and collector streets. Relinquishments of access rights to control access over certain lot lines or street stubs shall be dedicated to the county.
   (E)   Right-of-way widths, pavement widths and sidewalks shall be as provided by specific standards adopted by ordinance for the applicable class of subdivision involved.
   (F)   Cul-de-sacs shall terminate in a turn-around right-of-way not less than 100 feet in diameter. In steep terrain or in development of properties of unusual shape, additional turnarounds may be required on steep terrain; for cul-de-sacs serving six or fewer lots, the County Engineer may authorize a specially designed turnaround suitable to the particular conditions. Where through roads terminate temporarily at a property line, or at a division between increments of a development, suitable facilities for turning vehicles shall be provided.
   (G)   Grades above 6% on arterial streets and above 10% on other streets will be approved only when the County Engineer determines that the lesser grade is impractical. No grade on an arterial street may exceed 8%, and grades on minor streets may only be permitted to exceed 15% in extreme cases, but not over 16%, for up to 400 feet, and with special pavement. These maximums shall be reduced, as necessary, for sharp curves, intersections and at other locations where needed for safe vehicle operation.
   (H)   Earth banks, trees and fences shall not be permitted to obscure adequate sight distance at intersections.
   (I)   The subdivider shall provide maximum off-street parking where feasible. Driveways, unless specifically exempted, shall be of a length and at a gradient as to permit cars to park on the lot and outside the carport or garage. Where available length of driveway or extreme gradient makes parking thereon infeasible, other off-street parking spaces may be required by the County Engineer or Planning Director. In commercial and industrial subdivisions, all parking spaces (except curbside parking) shall be so located as to permit vehicles to enter streets without backing.
   (J)   Streets shall intersect at 90 degrees or as near thereto as permitted by the terrain. Where two side streets intersect an arterial or collector street, they shall enter directly opposite one another. There shall be approximately 1,320 feet between streets entering an arterial street from the same side. Intersections along an arterial or collector street shall be kept to a minimum, depending on the traffic volume and normal vehicular speed on the street. Where required by nature and volume of traffic movements, left turn lanes, acceleration and deceleration lanes will be required on major streets. T-intersections shall be provided where practical on local circulation streets.
   (K)   Common driveways serving four or fewer single family residential lots shall be maintained by a service area or association, except that in a subdivision where no such agency is provided, maintenance of common driveways serving four or fewer residential lots may be provided for by recorded restrictive covenant or recorded mutual contract between owners, covering arrangements for shared costs of maintenance, and specifically exempting San Benito County or other public agency for liability and cost of maintenance. All common driveways shall be improved prior to or concurrently with other subdivision improvements.
   (L)   Where slopes extend onto private property as the result of street grading during development, slope easements shall be provided on those lots affected, or a blanket slope easement may be included in the dedication certificate on the parcel or final map along all street frontage of lots.
(1966 Code, § 17A-9)