(A)   Maximum net density: no greater than the number of dwelling units permitted under the Zoning Ordinance of San Benito County.
   (B)   Minimum lot size: as determined by the Planning Commission and/or the Board of Supervisors.
   (C)   This class of subdivision shall be permitted only when it is shown that a desirable living environment can be created in the development, at no disadvantage to the general public, by:
      (1)   Clustering dwelling units on non-standard lots or with less than standard setback distances;
      (2)   Employing such structural forms as town houses (on standard lots) or condominiums (where lots are three-dimensional and may be one above the other);
      (3)   Mixing dwelling classes or lot sizes beyond that possible with standard zoning;
      (4)   Including commercial or other land uses with residential uses;
      (5)   Using common driveways to give access to most dwellings; and
      (6)   Devoting land areas to open space, recreational and agricultural uses.
   (D)   (1)   At the time a tentative map for a planned unit development is submitted, the map shall show in adequate detail:
         (a)   All lots, setback lines, streets, walkways and other features not in accord with current subdivision and zoning regulations;
         (b)   All proposed structures;
         (c)   Means (setback, covenants) whereby future structures will be controlled when the intent is to sell lots rather than completed structures; and
         (d)   Restrictive covenants and other legal documents controlling future activities within the development, including maintenance of streets, common driveways, open space, drainage facilities, utilities, paths, bridle trails and recreational areas (where not owned and maintained by a public agency), and other pertinent information required by an agency of the county.
      (2)   If the planned unit development is to be constructed in increments, the increments shall be shown on the tentative map, and initial increments shall include adequate open space to maintain desired density. Facilities and amenities shall be included with initial increment or increments to insure an appropriate environmental quality should subsequent increments not be developed.
(1966 Code, § 17A-4)