(A)   Minimum lot size: as provided in the San Benito County Zoning Ordinance or amendments thereto.
   (B)   Minimum average lot width: ratio of the width of the lot to its depth shall not exceed one to three.
   (C)   Septic tanks will only be permitted where percolation tests, performed by a registered engineer or public agency, show soil conditions: determined to be suitable for septic tanks by the Health Department.
   (D)   Based on the magnitude of the expected development of a proposed subdivision, the Board of Supervisors may require that the subdivider provide urban services to the extent determined desirable by the Board. Where size or intensity of development is such that soils, while permeable and adequate for a limited number of septic tanks, may be overloaded by the volume of effluent from the number of units to be expected, septic tanks may be excluded or limited in number. An alternative, under suitable conditions, would be collection lines from the initial increment of dwellings to a master septic tank system, to be replaced at an appropriate time by a disposal plant.
   (E)   Open space shall be provided pursuant to general plan policies and the zoning ordinance.
(1966 Code, § 17A-2)