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   All areas which are used, designed or intended for the storage of garbage or rubbish shall meet the following requirements:
      (1)   Shall, where provided or required to be provided, be large enough to permit storage and easy handling of all garbage cans. No can shall be placed within six inches of any wall or post.
      (2)   Shall be lined on all its sides and the ceiling with galvanized iron of not less than No. 26 gauge U.S. Standard. All seams and joints shall be interlocking and tight. As an alternate, the walls and ceilings shall be one-inch-thick Portland cement on an approved backing, steel troweled to a smooth finish; similarly, concrete blocks finished with smooth trowel stucco, or smooth concrete utilizing plywood forms is acceptable.
      (3)   Shall have floors of concrete or quarry tile; no wooden platforms shall be permitted.
      (4)   Shall have doors and trim that are metal lined on the inside with not less than 26 gauge U.S. Standard galvanized sheet metal. Seams shall be interlocking and tight.
      (5)   Shall be provided with self-closing tight-fitting door or doors.
      (6)   Shall be adequately ventilated as required. Openings or ducts as existing or required shall be screened at the outside to prevent ingress of flies and other vermin.
      (7)   Shall be maintained in good repair and in a clean condition at all times.
      (8)   Shall be provided with automatic sprinklers, except as required by the Building Code for new construction, and conversion to R-1 or R-2 Occupancy.
(Added by Ord. 399-89, App. 11/6/89; amended by Ord. 161-92, App. 6/4/92; Ord. 350-95, App. 11/3/95; Ord. 256-07, App. 11/6/2007)