17.95.100: TERMS DEFINED:
For purposes of this chapter, the following words, terms and phrases shall have the following meanings:
CITY: Salt Lake City Corporation, a municipal corporation of the state.
COMBINED OR DEPARTMENT BILL: The monthly bill sent to customers by the department.
COUNCIL: The Salt Lake City council.
DEPARTMENT: The city's department of public utilities.
DEVELOPED PARCEL: Any residential or commercial parcel that has been improved for use or has water or sanitary sewer service to the parcel.
DIRECTOR: The director of the department, or the director's duly authorized designee.
EQUIVALENT RESIDENTIAL UNIT OR ERU: The unit of measurement of the magnitude of use of the street lighting system attributable to either a developed or undeveloped parcel. For nonresidential service charges, one ERU shall be based upon the property street frontage, divided by seventy five feet (75') and rounded to the nearest positive whole number. An ERU calculation does not apply to residential service charges.
PARCEL: The smallest separately segregated unit or plot of land which is documented and given a property serial number by the county. For the purpose of billing multiple separate but contiguous parcels with one water service, such parcels will be combined for the purpose of calculating ERUs and billing.
PERSON: Any individual, partnership, copartnership, firm, limited liability company, corporation, association, joint stock company, trust, estate, government entity or any other entity recognized by law, and any offices, departments, institutions, bureaus or agencies thereof.
PREMISES: Any building lot, parcel, or portion of land whether improved or unimproved, including adjacent sidewalks and parking strips.
RESIDENTIAL SERVICE: Any parcel of land which is improved with a single, duplex or triplex "dwelling unit".
STREET LIGHTING FACILITIES: All physical items within the street lighting system, including, but not limited to, poles, fixtures, bulbs, wiring, switches, and all other appurtenances associated with the public street lighting inventory.
STREET LIGHTING SYSTEM: Includes all street lighting assets held by the city that concern streetlights within the public right of way.
UNDEVELOPED PARCEL: Any parcel that has not been improved and has no uses or generates no activity. (Ord. 93-12, 2012)