A.   All residents located in any area in which collection is by Salt Lake City shall have sufficient container capacity to accommodate their normal volume of solid waste between collections. Containers shall be either metal cans or weather resistant plastic bags manufactured specifically for use in garbage and refuse collection. Plastic bags shall have a minimum twenty (20) gallon capacity, shall not contain glass items or other sharp objects, shall have a 2.0 mil thickness. Waste contained in paper sacks, wooden boxes, barrels or pasteboard cartons shall not be removed by the city until properly contained.
   B.   No container shall be removed by the city if the container is filled to exceed seventy five (75) pounds in weight, or is packed tight with solid waste so that the waste will not slide out easily from the container when being emptied.
   C.   All items too large to fit into containers, such as, but not limited to, appliances, furniture and mattresses, shall not be collected by the city except upon such exceptional occasions as shall from time to time be designated by the department of sustainability.
   D.   All loose materials which normally fit into containers but which are excess as a result of special circumstances such as holidays shall be tied securely in bundles not exceeding sixty inches (60") in length or seventy five (75) pounds in weight, to prevent them from blowing or scattering, and shall be placed beside the containers.
   E.   Containers shall be kept covered at all times. Any container which does not conform to prescribed standards or which has defects likely to hamper collection or injure the person collecting the contents thereof or the public generally shall be replaced promptly by the owner or user of the container upon receipt of written notice of such defects from the department of sustainability.
   F.   Containers with garbage and other solid waste to be collected by the city shall be set out for collection at curbside and on the days designated by the department of sustainability. Such containers shall not be set out upon the street for collection prior to the evening of the day before collection and shall be set out on the day of collection by seven thirty o'clock (7:30) A.M. All empty containers shall be removed from the street as soon as practicable after being emptied and in every case shall be removed from the street the same day as they are emptied.
   G.   It is unlawful for any resident to deposit household solid waste in any receptacle maintained on a sidewalk or at any other location for disposal of litter by pedestrians. (Ord. 49-16, 2016: Ord. 45-93 § 22, 1993: Ord. 88-86 § 32, 1986: prior code § 18-32-6)