A.   It shall be the duty of the owner, agent, occupant or lessee to keep exterior private property free of litter. This requirement applies not only to removal of loose litter, but to materials that already are, or become, trapped at such locations as fence and wall bases, grassy and planted areas, borders, embankments and other lodging points.
   B.   Owners, agents, occupants or lessees whose properties face on Municipal sidewalks and strips between streets and sidewalks shall be responsible for keeping those sidewalks and strips free of litter.
   C.   It is unlawful to sweep or push litter from sidewalks and steps into streets. Sidewalk and step sweepings must be picked up and put into household or commercial solid waste containers.
   D.   Litter not removed from private property under the provisions of this chapter may be removed by the City pursuant to the provisions of chapter 9.16, or its successor chapter, with costs and expenses for such cleaning or removal to be assessed in accordance with the provisions of chapter 9.16 of this title. (Prior Code § 18-32-9)