9.04.010: DEFINITIONS:
As used in this chapter:
DANCE STUDIO: Any room, place or space in which classes in dancing are held and instruction in dancing is given for hire.
NONPUBLIC DANCES: Dances conducted and sponsored by public or private schools and churches for the students or members thereof, even though an admission fee is charged; and dances conducted in private homes on a private basis shall not be deemed to be public dances, and shall be exempt from the licensing provisions of this chapter.
PRIVATE SCHOOL: For the purposes of this chapter, any school accredited by the state of Utah whether by formal state action, or by state acceptance of accreditation given to an academic program which has been accepted as an alternative to public schools.
PUBLIC DANCE: Any dance to which the general public may gain admission with or without the payment of a fee, or any dance which is conducted in the normal course of business on the premises of a restaurant, tavern or social club, but shall not include any dance conducted on or in any public park, street or public grounds by permission of the parks director, under the supervision of such director, or the Salt Lake County recreation department.
PUBLIC DANCE HALL: Any room, place or space in which a public dance is held and in which dancing or providing space for dancing is the principal business.
PUBLIC SCHOOLS: The public education system and higher education system as defined in article X of the Utah state constitution and as implemented by appropriate state statutes. (Ord. 64-12, 2012: Ord. 1-06 § 21, 2006: Ord. 69-94 § 1, 1994: prior code §§ 9-1-1 - 9-1-4)