A.   Supervision: All police officers shall be under the supervision of the chief of police and subject to his orders. Members of the department shall also be subject to the orders of the mayor. (1977 Code §§ 2.08.140, 2.20.030; amd. 2004 Code)
   B.   General Duties: It shall be the duty of police officers to preserve the peace, restrain all riotous or disorderly conduct wherever the same occurs within the city, remove all encroachments found upon the sidewalks, all obstructions on the streets and to arrest all offenders and violators of the laws and ordinances of the city. (1977 Code § 2.08.140)
   C.   Power, Duty To Arrest: In addition to other powers and duties provided by ordinances and the statutes of the state, police officers shall have the power and it shall be their duty to arrest or cause to be arrested and take before the proper court all persons who shall break or threaten to break the peace in the presence of such officer and to obtain a warrant for the arrest of any person violating any ordinances of law out of the presence of such officer, and the court may commit such persons to the county jail or other safe place in default of bail being furnished. They or any of them shall have the power to arrest all persons who shall be in the act of violating any ordinance of the city or who may be reasonably suspected of committing any crime or of having committed any crime or misdemeanor or of having violated any ordinance of the city for the preservation of the peace and good order of the city. They shall have power to detain or cause to be detained any person in custody in the county jail or other safe place in the city for a reasonable period of time until such person can be duly arraigned or tried by the proper officer. (1977 Code § 2.20.020)
   D.   Assistance To Other Officers: It shall be the duty of all officers and members of the police department to aid and assist the chief of police and to assist each other in the performance of police duties.
   E.   Service Of Warrant Or Process: While executing or serving or assisting in the execution or service of any warrant or process, they shall be vested with and have all the power and authority conferred by the laws of the state or at common law. (1977 Code § 2.20.040)