A.   Written Notice: The city clerk shall, upon the passage of any such order or resolution of the city council, cause a written notice to be served on the owner or owners of the property abutting, fronting on or adjacent to the sidewalk or curb to be built or repaired, or the parking to be graded or filled, notifying such owner or owners to build or repair the said sidewalk or curb or grade or fill the said parking, in accordance with the provisions of the ordinances of the city, and the order or resolution directing the said work to be done, within fifteen (15) days from the date of the service of said notice. The said notice must be served by delivering a copy thereof to the owner or his agent, or in case such owner is a nonresident, or his place of abode cannot be found, then the clerk shall cause the said notice to be published at least once a week for four (4) weeks in the official newspaper of the city. (1960 Code, Sec. 6-103)
   B.   Authority Of City After Notice: If, at the expiration of the time for which said notice is given, the said sidewalk or curb shall not be built or repaired or the said parking shall not be filled or graded by the said owner, then the overseer of streets or the contractor to whom may be awarded the contract for doing the said work as hereinafter provided shall proceed as soon as practicable to build or repair the said sidewalk or curb, and fill or grade the said parking as may have been required by said notice and in accordance with the order or resolution directing the said work to be done. (1960 Code, Sec. 6-104)
   C.   Procedure Of Council After Notice: Whenever it shall appear to the satisfaction of the council that due notice has been given the owner of any property requiring them to build or repair sidewalks or curbs or grade or fill parking as provided in this chapter, and that such owner has failed, refused or neglected, within the time required by such notice to do the said work, then the council, at its option, may by resolution direct the overseer of streets to proceed to build or repair such sidewalk or curb or to grade or fill such parking as required by the said order, or the council may direct the clerk to advertise in one newspaper in the city once a week for at least two (2) weeks, for bids for the building and repairing of such sidewalks and curbs, or the filling or grading of such parking and the contract shall be let to the lowest and best responsible bidder therefor; provided, however, that the council may reserve the right to reject any or all bids made under the provisions of this chapter. (1960 Code, Sec. 6-105; amd. 1977 Code)