A.   Clerk Maintains Maps: Accurate maps setting out truck routes defined in this chapter or hereafter amended shall be kept on file in the office of the city clerk and shall be available to the public.
   B.   Street Department To Maintain Signs: The street department shall cause all truck routes upon which truck traffic is required to travel to be clearly signposted.
   C.   Weigh In: The chief of police shall have the authority to require any person driving or in control of any commercial vehicle not proceeding in accordance with the regulations in this chapter to proceed to any public or private scale available for the purpose of weighing and determining whether this chapter has been complied with.
   D.   Penalties: Any violation of this chapter shall be a criminal misdemeanor punishable by the maximum fine and incarceration allowed by state statute. (Ord. 13-504, 12-17-2013)