A.   Trucks: All trucks within the city shall be operated in accordance with the regulations set forth in this chapter.
   B.   Exceptions: This chapter shall not prohibit:
      1.   Emergency Vehicles: The operation of emergency vehicles upon any street in the city;
      2.   Public Utility Trucks: The operation of trucks owned or operated by the city, public utilities, any contractor or materialman, while engaged in the repair, maintenance or construction of streets, street improvements or other utilities within the city;
      3.   Detoured Trucks: The operation of trucks upon any officially established detour; and
      4.   Residentially Parked Semitractors: The operation of semitractors on residential streets solely for the purpose of temporarily parking the tractor portion on private residential property with the permission of the property owner, in compliance with other laws and ordinances. The engine of such tractors cannot be left running while the tractor is parked. (Ord. 13-504, 12-17-2013)