§ 110.16  PURPOSE.
   (A)   This chapter is enacted primarily for regulatory purposes. The purpose of this chapter is to prevent the operation of covered businesses until the person or entity applying for the license has complied with certain city ordinances and other local governmental and state regulations. Issuance of a license pursuant to this chapter does not excuse the licensee from compliance with any other ordinance or statute. This chapter does not prevent the city from increasing or decreasing the amount of any license fee or regulating any business.
   (B)   A license issued pursuant to this chapter reflects that the appropriate fee has been paid. Issuance of a license constitutes regulatory approval and does not excuse a licensee from compliance with any other applicable ordinance, regulation, or statute. Therefore, issuing a license, does not authorize the carrying on of a business for which additional licenses or qualifications are required by any applicable local, state or federal regulation or law or that the recipient is otherwise engaged in a legal activity or operating a business in a legal manner.
(Ord. passed 5-18-11; Am. Ord. passed 9-11-18)