Any person owning or utilizing a boathouse on the lake shall keep the same clean and devoid of any accumulations of trash, either on the inside or outside of same, and shall keep all brush on the exterior of same cleared away. The decision as to whether or not this regulation is being conformed to rests with the Warden, and if he or she finds the same being violated, he or she is authorized and empowered to immediately condemn the structure; the test of his or her decision being as to whether or not the structure is a hazard for safety and/or is objectionable in appearance. The sale or trade of any boathouse shall be only upon approval of the City Council and must be recorded by both parties at City Hall. There shall not be any new boathouses built upon the lake.
(`90 Code, § 10-12)  (Ord. passed 12-13-83)  Penalty, see § 10.99