§ 96.071  DEFINITION.
   For the purpose of this subchapter, the term STREET IMPROVEMENTS for all streets which shall be included in the property owners' petition, the cost of which shall be assessed against the abutting property owners, shall include the following:
   (A)   Street paving in accordance with city specifications.
   (B)   Grading as required by good engineering practices as determined by the Director of Public Services on all streets which need to be graded prior to improvement.
   (C)   Base course material for the full width of the street to be constructed in accordance with city specifications.
   (D)   Street surfacing according to city specifications for a full width of the street to be constructed.
   (E)   Costs for construction of a street exceeding 31 feet in width as deemed appropriate by the City Council in the interest of the orderly and expeditious flow of traffic; the cost thereof shall be assessed in accordance with § 96.072.
(`90 Code, § 18-47)
Statutory reference:
   Costs included, see G.S. § 160A-226