(A)   Prior to enforcement action by police officers, the owner or designee of the property must mark the property with appropriate warning signs and have a letter of intent on file with the Department.
   (B)   Warning signs must be placed in a most conspicuous location to be readily observed by the public. The signs must be at least two feet by two feet and be worded in a manner as to be clear in its intent, such as: "No Trespassing, Parking or Loitering After Store Hours, Violators Will Be Prosecuted" or words to that effect.
   (C)   The business having control of the marked parking area must have a formal letter of intent on file with the Police Department. The letter must state that the owner or designee is requesting enforcement of the no trespassing signs. The letter should set forth the reasons why enforcement is being requested and should be on company stationery or be marked in some way to identify the company and should be notarized.
   (D)   The company owner or designee must be available to testify in court if required.
(`90 Code, § 11-218)  (Ord. passed 8-9-88)  Penalty, see § 72.99