The City Manager shall have the power to designate, lay out and indicate, with the approval of the City Council, by appropriate signs and markings: parking spaces and zones, no-parking zones, limited parking zones, zones in which vehicles shall be parked at an angle to the curb, loading zones, safety zones, school zones, hospital zones, quiet zones, traffic zones other than the above, through streets, stop streets and intersections, one-way streets, streets to be laned for traffic, play streets, bus stops and taxicab stands. He or she shall also have the power to designate and indicate, with the approval of the City Council, intersections at which traffic shall be controlled by traffic signals, intersections at which left turns and/or right turns and U-turns shall be prohibited, and intersections at which markers, buttons or other indications shall be placed to indicate the course to be traveled by vehicles traversing or turning at such intersections.
(`90 Code, § 11-181)