(A)   All development and redevelopment to which this subchapter applies shall comply with the standards of this section. The approval of the stormwater permit shall require an enforceable restriction on property usage that runs with the land, such as a recorded deed restriction or protective covenants, to ensure that future development and redevelopment maintains the site consistent with the approved project plans.
   (B)   Three types of standards exist in this subchapter: Phase II standards that apply to the areas within the City of Roxboro that are not within the Falls Lake Watershed; Falls Lake Watershed standards and Water Supply Watershed standards that only apply to the areas within the Falls Lake Watershed. Compliance with the Water Supply Watershed Standards within the Falls Lake Watershed is considered, by law, compliance with the NPDES Phase II standards. See the stormwater map to determine which standards apply to specific properties. Where standards within this subchapter overlap the most stringent standard shall be applied.
(Ord. passed 6-12-12)