(A)   Ten percent (10%) of the watershed may be developed for nonresidential use to 70% built-upon area on a project by project basis.
   (B)   Each project requesting a 70% built-upon area shall submit an application and site plan to the Watershed Administrator. The site plan shall be drawn to a scale of at least one inch to 50 feet, indicating the property lines of the parcel, any existing or proposed structures, any rights-of-way or easements, existing or proposed parking areas and other built-upon areas and surface water drainage. The site plan shall have the total area, in square feet, of the parcel and the total area, in square feet, of the built-upon area. The plan shall have a vicinity map. The site plan will be signed and sealed by a professional engineer or registered land surveyor (Amended 11/10/98).
(Ord. passed 6-18-10)