§ 53.004  REMEDIES.
   (A)   If any subdivision, development and/or land use is found to be in violation of this chapter, the City of Roxboro Governing Body may, in addition to all other remedies available either in law or in equity, institute a civil penalty in the amount of $10,000 subject to setoff per G.S. § 143-215.6A, action or proceedings to restrain, correct, or abate the violation; to prevent occupancy of the building, structure, or to prevent any illegal act, conduct, business, or use in or about the premises. In addition, the North Carolina Environmental Management Commission may assess civil penalties in accordance with G. S. § 143-215.6A. Each day that the violation continues shall constitute a separate offense.
   (B)   If the Watershed Administrator finds that any of the provisions of this chapter are being violated, he or she shall notify in writing the person responsible for such violation, indicating the nature of the violation, and ordering the action necessary to correct it. He or she shall order discontinuance of the illegal use of land, buildings or structures; removal of illegal buildings or structures, or of additions, alterations or structural changes thereto; discontinuance of any illegal work being done; or shall take any action authorized by this chapter to ensure compliance with or to prevent violation of its provisions. If a ruling of the Watershed Administrator is questioned, the aggrieved party or parties may appeal such ruling to the Watershed Review Board.
(Ord. passed 6-18-10)