(A)   Every person occupying a house or residence in the residential area where garbage or refuse exists shall provide containers made of galvanized metal or plastic made for such use, or use a city-provided roll-out cart, in which shall be deposited all garbage or refuse existing at the building or premises.
   (B)   Each container shall be provided with handles and with a tight-fitting cover of the same material as the container. Containers must not be less than 20-gallons or more than 30-gallons capacity.
   (C)   Each home and business building shall have a sufficient number of containers to hold the refuse until collected.
   (D)   All persons doing business in a business building within the city limits shall provide containers as outlined in § 50.25.
   (E)   No wooden boxes, pails or other wooden or cardboard containers shall be used for garbage and refuse; if so used, the containers shall be confiscated by the city.
(`90 Code, § 9-3)  (Ord. passed 6-11-74)  Penalty, see § 10.99