(A)   At times there are readings on water meters that show a considerable increase in consumption for a one-month period and then return to normal the following month.
   (B)   Administrative procedure:
      (1)   Check read meter.
      (2)   Have customer check for leaks.
      (3)   Have city personnel check for leaks if none found by customer.
   (C)   If no leak is detected and the account cannot be adjusted under the leak policy, the following procedure shall apply:
      (1)   The City Manager or billing clerk may adjust one bill per account per year for an unexplained high consumption. The charge shall be based on the average consumption for the prior four months.
      (2)   Monthly report of adjustments will be provided to Council.
   (D)   When there is a proven leak between the water meter and plumbing fixture discharge, the city will adjust one water bill per year according to the following policy:
      (1)   Total consumption will be averaged over the past four months.
      (2)   (a)   The excess over the average will be settled as follows:
            1.   Customer pays 50% of the excess.
            2.   City Billing Clerk will release 50% of the excess.
         (b)   If the customer can provide substantial evidence to the Billing Clerk that no water from the leak entered the city sewer system, there will be no charge for sewer on the excess consumption.
      (3)   The customer shall provide the Billing Clerk with a statement from a licensed plumber that repairs have been made. In an owner-occupied building, a statement from the owner shall be adequate.
(`90 Code, Appendix A, § 26)