§ 37.18  BILLINGS.
   (A)   Applications and reports to the state or federal governments for reimbursement of claims are to be filed promptly. All department heads who administer programs that receive moneys from other governments are to meet with the Finance Director to establish a cash flow schedule for those moneys. The due dates of the reimbursements are listed below and are to be strictly adhered to:
      (1)   Revenue sources.
         (a)   Intangible personal property tax.
         (b)   Beer and wine excise tax.
         (c)   Gasoline tax refund.
         (d)   Reimbursement of 15% of property tax less due to homestead.
         (e)   Refund of state sales and use tax.
         (f)   County reimbursements.
      (2)   Due date of claim.
         (a)   January 31.
         (b)   As soon as possible after receipt of August questionnaire.
         (c)   Due promptly at the end of each calendar quarter.
         (d)   September 1.
         (e)   Due promptly after June 30.
         (f)   Fifteenth day of month.
   (B)   For utility and tax billing, the objective will be to reduce the processing time so payments will be received at an earlier date. Utility meters and monthly billing will be in accordance with § 37.19.
(`90 Code, Appendix A, § 24)