It is hereby declared to be a nuisance and to be against the health, peace and comfort of the public, for any person, firm, business, or corporation within the limits of the Village to permit the following; but the enumeration of the following nuisances shall not be deemed to be exclusive:
   A.   Filth. To cause or suffer the carcass of any animal or any offal, filth or noisome substance to be collected, deposited or to remain in any place, to the prejudice of others.
   B.   Deposit of offensive materials. To throw or deposit any offal or other offensive matter, or the carcass of any dead animal in any water course, lake, pond, spring, well or common sewer, street or public highway.
   C.   Corruption of water. To corrupt or render unwholesome, or impure, the water of any spring, river, stream, pond or lake, well, public or private, to the injury or prejudice of others.
   D.   Highway encroachment. To obstruct or encroach upon public highways, private ways, streets, alleys, commons, landing places, and ways to burying places.
   E.   Noxious odors. To erect, continue or use any building, residential, commercial or otherwise, or other place for the exercise of any trade, employment or manufacture, which, by occasioning noxious exhalations, offensive smells or otherwise, is offensive or dangerous to the health of individuals, or of the public.
   F.   Unlawful advertising. To advertise wares or occupations by painting notices of the same on, or affixing them to fences or other private property, or on rocks or other natural objects without the consent of the owner, or if in the highway or other public place, without permission of the proper authorities.
   G.   Harassment. To harass, intimidate or threaten any person who is about to sell or lease or has sold or leased a residence or other real property, or is about to buy or lease, or has bought or leased a residence or other real property, when the harassment, intimidation, or threat relates to a person’s attempt to sell, buy or lease a residence, or other real property, or refers to a person’s sale, purchase or lease of a residence or other real property.
   H.   Expectorate. To expectorate on any public sidewalk or street, or other public building or floor or walk of any public vehicle or hall.
   I.   Litter on streets. To deposit or allow trash, paper, cardboard, wire, dirt, rock, stone, glass, brick, lumber, wood or litter of material objects of any size or description to fall upon the streets or right-of-way of the Village from any moving vehicle, or to be thrown from a moving vehicle, or to throw from a moving vehicle and to remain thereon.
   J.   Accumulation of junk and trash. To deposit or pile up any rags, old rope, paper, iron, brass, copper, tin, aluminum, used lumber, derelict truck trailers, camping trailers, or boats, appliances, construction materials, demolition debris, ashes, garbage, refuse, plastic, brush, litter, weeds, slush, lead, glass bottles, broken glass or any other junk and trash upon any residential home lot, piece or parcel of land or upon any public or private alley, street or public way within the Village.
   K.   Rodents, flies, mosquitoes, and/or other insects. To cause or permit any condition or situation to exist that shall attract, harbor, or encourage the infestation of rodents, flies, mosquitoes, and/or other insects, including but not limited to, stagnant water present in bottles, cans, buckets, swimming pools, tires, clogged gutters, etc.
   L.   Bringing nuisances into the Village. To bring into the Village or keep therein for sale or otherwise, either for food or for any other purpose, any dead or live animal or any matter, substance, or thing which shall be a nuisance or which shall occasion a nuisance in the Village, or which may or shall be dangerous or detrimental to health.
   M.   Offensive liquids. To keep nauseous, foul or putrid liquid or substance or any liquid or substance likely to become nauseous, foul, offensive, or putrid, or permit any such liquid to be discharged, placed, thrown, or to flow from or out of any premise into or upon any adjacent premises or any public street or alley, or permit the same to be done by any person connected with the premises.
   N.   Dense or offensive smoke. To cause or permit the emission of dense smoke from any fire, chimney, engine, oil burner or any other means so as to cause annoyance or discomfort to the residents thereof.
   O.   Scrap tires, both mounted and dismounted. To keep any scrap tires, either mounted or dismounted, in open view, or so as to allow such tires to accumulate stagnant water so as to provide a breeding ground for rodents, mosquitoes, flies and other pests.
   P.   Accumulation of debris. To store, dump or permit the accumulation of debris, refuse, garbage, trash, tires, buckets, cans, wheelbarrows, garbage cans or other containers in a manner that may harbor mosquitoes, flies, insects, rodents, nuisance birds or other animal pests that are offensive, injurious or dangerous to the health of individuals or the public.
   Q.   Carcasses. To allow carcasses of animals to remain exposed for twelve (12) hours after death, or to throw, or cause to be thrown, into any watercourse, lake, pond, cistern, well, or common sewer, any dead animal or animal matter.
   R.   Noise. To produce or permit to be produced, whether on public or private property, any offensive noise to the disturbance of the peace or quiet of any person residing in the vicinity.
   S.   Storing building and/or construction materials. To place, deposit or store dirt, rock, brick, rubble or other similar used building materials on a residential lot unless used for legitimate site development or landscaping.
   T.   Wrecked, salvaged or used materials, machinery, etc. To permit, maintain, deposit, dump, abandon, burn, accumulate or store any type of any wrecked, salvaged or used building materials; wrecked, salvaged or used machinery, scrap and old iron, steel, chain, brass, copper, magnesium, aluminum, tin, lead or other base metals, scraps of woolens, clips, bagging, rubber and glass and empty bottles of different kinds and sizes unless said material is used as part of the business operation at the location in a properly zoned commercial or industrial site.
   U.   Appliances. To permit, maintain, deposit, dump, abandon, burn, accumulate or store any type of appliances, including but not limited to, refrigerators, bath tubs, stoves, air conditioners, dishwashers, hot water heaters, wash machines, dryers, etc.
   V.   Upholstered furniture. To permit any upholstered furniture manufactured primarily for indoor use, including mattresses, on any exterior property area not fully enclosed within a structure.
   W.   Diseased vegetation. To keep or allow to remain on any premises any trees, shrubs or other vegetation deemed by the Village arborist to be infected with fungus or other diseases that will or might spread to other non-infected trees, shrubs, or other vegetation.
   X.   Graffiti. To keep or allow in public view on personal or real property any sign, symbol, marking, drawing, name, initial, word, diagram, sketch, picture or letter, which incites violence by reference to gang or criminal activity, depicts or expresses obscenity by referring to sexual activity or contains defamatory material about a public or private person.
   Y.   Generally. To keep or allow on any premises any articles or things whatsoever resulting in the injury, inconvenience, danger, detriment, or annoyance of the public health, safety, or welfare. To commit any act which is a nuisance, according to the criminal law of the State, this Code, common law of the land, and/or made such by statute of the State. Nothing in this Title shall be construed to prevent the corporate authorities of this Village from declaring what shall be nuisances, and abating them within the Village limits. (Ord. 1068, 8-17-2020)