§ 90.09 BLASTING.
   (A)   No person shall blast, or carry on any blasting operation, without first having obtained a written permit from the Village Clerk. Before any such permit is issued, the applicant therefor shall file with the Village Clerk a policy of insurance in the amount specified by the Village Clerk, in an amount reasonably commensurate with the risk of damage to property and injury or death to such persons arising out of the proposed blasting operation. The policy of insurance shall indemnify the applicant with respect to sums which the applicant shall become obligated to pay, by reason of the liability imposed upon him or her by law, for damages because of bodily injury, including death, at any time resulting therefrom, or for damages to property, or both, sustained by any person, or persons, and arising out of the blasting operation.
   (B)   All blasting shall be conducted in a safe manner and consistent with proper practice to reasonably ensure that no damage to person or property shall result therefrom. These safe practices shall include, but not by way of limitation, the posting of notice and warning signs, at least 125 feet from the point of blast, to reasonably inform all passers-by of pending blasting activity. No blasting shall be conducted within 125 feet from any building.
   (C)   A blasting permit shall be valid for only such period of time as is specifically stated thereon by the Village Clerk.
(Prior Code, § 90.09) (Ord. 14, passed 3-18-1968) Penalty, see § 10.99