§ 90.06 FIRE EXITS.
   The following rules relative to passageways, stairs, and fire exits shall be applicable to all public buildings, places of assembly, commercial and business buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, lodging houses, tourist homes, and all other buildings except private dwellings, and except as otherwise expressly limited herein to a particular type of building.
   (A)   No fire escape, stairway, balcony, or ladder on any building shall be obstructed, out of repair, or maintained in a hazardous condition. Doors and windows leading to any fire escape shall open easily from the inside.
   (B)   No combustible material shall be stored, placed, or kept under, or upon, any passageway, stairs, or elevator shaft, nor shall any such material be stored, placed, or kept in any other part of any building in such a position as to obstruct or render hazardous egress therefrom.
   (C)   All doors, hallways, and stairways shall be unobstructed at all times.
   (D)   In all theaters, churches, schools, and other places of public assembly, no door, aisle, or passageway shall be obstructed with any furniture or article; nor shall any person sit or stand, or be permitted to sit or stand, in any aisle, or in any exit or passageway; and all exits and the sidewalks leading therefrom shall be unobstructed while such places of public assembly are in use.
   (E)   No person shall do any act which causes any violation of any of the rules set forth in this section, nor shall any person owning any building or in charge thereof, as agent, employee, or otherwise permit any of the rules to be violated.
(Prior Code, § 90.06) (Ord. 14, passed 3-18-1968) Penalty, see § 10.99