§ 154.271 SETBACKS.
   (A)   Parking may not occupy the initial 25 feet of any yard adjoining a road or street right-of-way, but may occupy the initial 25 feet of any yard not adjoining the road or street right-of way.
   (B)   Landscaping shall be maintained as a visual and audible buffer to all surrounding residential districts.
   (C)   Adequate access to a public street shall be provided for each parking and loading area.
      (1)   All off-street parking areas and loading areas shall be graded and surfaced so as to be dust- free and properly drained.
      (2)   Parking areas for more than ten vehicles shall have the aisles and spaces clearly marked.
      (3)   All loading and parking areas shall be so designed and constructed that all vehicles using those areas shall, with ease of movement and ample space for maneuvering, enter, and exit from those areas in a forward movement.
      (4)   All site plans for construction of loading and parking areas shall be reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission. Planning Commission review shall include, but not be limited to, such considerations as: fire-safety, ingress and egress, internal traffic circulation, location and design of parking and loading, landscaping, sign location and designs, and other proposed improvements such as lighting and drainage. The applicant shall submit adequate plans to allow detailed review of each of the above elements.
(Prior Code, § 154.256) (Ord. 48, passed 6-21-2005)