The Village Clerk shall publish this chapter in the manner required by law and shall, at the same time, publish a supplementary notice setting forth the purpose of the Uniform Traffic Code and the fact that complete copies of said code are available at the office of the Village Clerk for inspection by, and distribution to, the public at all times.
(Prior Code, § 70.03) (Ord. 30, passed 12-18-1979)
Editor’s note:
   The boundary lines of the village were altered by Res. passed 9-21-1976 to enable the village and its Police Department to uniformly enforce traffic regulations on both sides of the roadways. The premises affected are described as follows: the south 33 feet of Section 16; the north 33 feet of Section 28; the west 33 feet of Section 22; and the east 33 feet of Section 20, all in Township 13 North, Range 17 West, Grant Township.